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Turn Your Life Around

David Marion is the Life Recovery Coach and he knows, first hand, addiction and the road to recovery.


David, the Life Recovery Coach, is an expert in both. He’s been on one side or the other of the addiction and recovery predicament for 50 years. As a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach he has answers. He has spoken his message to tens of thousands of people around the country in the rooms of recovery meetings, conventions, and schools. He has helped those in all walks of life and all ages, from kids in junior high school to old-timers in recovery meetings and he can help you too.


Here’s the fact: untreated addiction has only three possible outcomes: jails, institutions or death. If you’re lucky, your bottom won’t be six feet under, but the alternatives suck too, David has lived through both. 


Through his troubled past riddled with opioid addiction, millions lost through compulsive gambling, and a federal prison sentence; David Marion has a riveting story that shows one can return from the depths of addiction to lead a life of prosperity by helping other people.


If you’re ready to turn your life around David Marion is prepared for you. Call Now!   612-849-7509

David Marion knows the excuses.
He has used them all at one time or another.


  • If it gets really bad, I’ll quit.

  • Everyone else does it.

  • You’d do it too if you had my life.

  • I’m more exciting and outgoing when I do.

  • I’m not hurting anyone. 

  • No one can help me.

  • I’m never going to amount to anything anyway.

  • This is who I am, and I’m ok with it.

  • No one understands me.

  • I can stop whenever I want.

  • I deserve this escape.

  • It makes me better/happier.

  • I’m not as bad as him/her, now they have a problem.

  • It’s not causing consequences in my life.


Stop making excuses and call David Marion NOW!


David Marion knows the consequences and when it’s time to quit. Do you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are others telling you it’s time to quit? 

  2. Have you suffered a loss of a job or a relationship? 

  3. Have you suffered financial distress?

  4. Are you or others frustrated with your behavior? 

  5. Have you stopped taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually? 

  6. Has life lost its luster? 

  7. Can’t remember your life without using? 

  8. Can’t imagine quitting, it’s gotten too hard? 

  9. Think it’s too hard to turn your life around? 


There are different ways to overcome obstacles and their consequences when in recovery. Do not let shame and guilt hold you back. Recovery is the antidote that will restore respect for all involved. It’s never too late to recover.


Don’t put it off any longer, get started today by calling David Marion!   612-849-7509

David Marion turned his life around and so can you. 


Here’s How:


As a Certified Recovery Coach and Intervention Professional David Marion can help


  1. Identify problem issues.

  2. Stage an Intervention.

  3. Recommend the appropriate treatment method for the individual.

  4. Plan a vision for the future.

  5. A proven 5 Step Path to Recovery.

  6. Support and guide through positive change.

  7. A transition from treatment back to life.

  8. Build a community for support in recovery.

  9. Action plan for goals in all areas of life.

  10. Provide support and coaching for families of addicts.

    David Marion, the Life Recovery Coach, can help you.

Recover your life, call David Marion Now!

TESTIMONIALS about David Marion the Life Recovery Coach

Dave is one authentic, caring, concerned and compassionate being breaking new and important ground in connection with people as he enables them to dig deep discovering and embracing their core values and true selves. Results are the amazing transformation and ability to tap into their true power.


David has a way of framing things so the alcoholic can see the solution and the observer can understand the problem.

Hey David I love that meeting!! Thanks for putting that on, brother!!

Walker          Age 36

David has mentored me with patience, compassion and gentle but firm guidance. His wisdom and knowledge of recovery from addiction has taught me how to live a life of peace, gratitude and joy in sobriety. I will forever be grateful for the light he brought into my life during one of the darkest times.

Heidi D.    RN BSN

Hey David, this is Aidan, I'm up here in Center City. You came in a couple nights ago as a speaker and I just thought it was amazing and I was wondering if you would be willing to be a temporary sponsor if not a full time sponsor. You can call me or email me at...

Aidan T.        Age 26

When I'm reaching for a chair, David is reaching for a podium, and when he speaks, fearlessness and honesty start flying around the room. As my sponsor, David has helped me see my function as a member of AA more clearly and work with more men than I had in my previous 36 years of sobriety. I'm doing things now I never dreamed of.

Marty D.      Age 77

Thank you for taking time to meet with me and give me some much needed advice. I wasn't much looking forward to it but I didn't have a choice according to my dad. As it turns out you gave me some excellent tools to go back to school with and gave me a confidence I didn't realize I had. I'm looking forward to meeting with you again.

Colton S.  Age 16

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