David Marion's Mission

David's mission is to impact our country's youth with a positive message about addiction and recovery.


As children learn to navigate and survive the substance abuse they see around them they may be learning bad habits.


When children have the opportunity to hear what is healthy and not healthy, learning begins. David's passion is to education through awareness, prevention, and intervention when children are in grade school, middle school, high school, and college. He has spoken to many adult groups as well. 


David would like to continue spreading his message far and wide.  He finds that the Opioid Epidemic in the United States is the leading cause of death in people under 50. David would like to reach people before they even start using substances to cope with stress. For people who already have an addiction, it is not too late.


The Life Recovery Coach's mission is to share the message that alcohol and substance abuse disorders are treatable.


The forecast for Opioid deaths is over 650,000 people in the next ten years. The need to listen to his message is now. David would like to reduction of the number of deaths and hearing his word is an excellent place to start.


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This is David Marion

The Recovery Coach, Interventionist, & Public Speaker - A Short Background

David graduated from The University of South Florida with a degree in Speech Communication. His adult career started as a Stock Broker on Wall Street where he quickly became the Sales Manager of a large firm.


It was this position that landed him on the path to motivational speaking and sales training. Leading a sales force of 60-100 brokers to record sales within the firm, he soon became sought after to lead and motivate other sales teams.


Since those days on Wall Street, and getting clean and sober, David took his experience as a leader, motivational speaker and sales trainer to the recovery communities. He has been speaking on a national circuit in recovery rooms, conventions and schools across the country for over 25 years. 


David is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC) and Intervention Professional (NCIP) who has touched thousands of people with his message of hope, inspiration, and freedom from addictions.


He has worked with professional and amateur athletes, sports teams, CEO's and owners of major corporations as well as those from all walks of life, from teens to retirees. He has lived and lived through an opioid addiction.


With his passion for speaking out, coupled with the opioid epidemic, that is crippling our U. S. neighborhoods like a category 5 hurricane, he has turned his focus to fighting the opioid crisis in our country. By bringing his program of awareness, prevention and intervention to High Schools, Universities, Sports Teams, Corporate Events and the like, through his own story of addictions and incarceration, he his finding his redemption.


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The Raid


September 7, 2011, started out just like any other Minnesota fall day.  The sun was shining and the temperature moderate; it was the season for the leaves to turn, and Minnesotans raved about it being the most colorful time of year. But I wouldn’t have known, these were not the types of things I readily noticed as I made my way through life.


My daily commute from Uptown to Downtown Minneapolis was uneventful. Of course, I don’t commute during rush hour traffic. My lifestyle isn’t conducive to early mornings. My employees know to be in by 9 A.M., but I roll in when it’s convenient. The “do as I say, not as I do” policy is my mantra.  Being 6’6” and about 250 pounds, an impressive, intimidating size, allows me to get away with such behavior, but to me it’s just the way things should be. I’m the boss, I own the company and I offer those that work for me the opportunity to make a lot of money.


I settle in at my desk, check my calendar and peruse my emails. Fortunately there’s a light workload, and I try to muster the energy it will take to get through another day. That’s when I hear the commotion at the reception area. The door has a security code, not just anyone can get in. The receptionist has a button to let visitors in and I usually know who that’s going to be. I stand up from my desk and look out through the floor to ceiling windows of my office to see at least 10 federal agents, some FBI, some United States Postal investigators and some from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, all in suits with badges out, shouting at the employees. Things like, “stand up”, “hands out of your pockets”, “don’t touch anything on your desks”, “don’t move”, “no one is leaving”…. And so on…


You could say I was waiting for this day, the reason for my lack of energy and desire to keep treating everything as normal. I had heard through the grapevine of my industry that I was being investigated, I was being watched, but I also thought I was invincible, untouchable. That’s the illusion an addict is convinced of.


I hadn’t even had time to come around from behind my desk when two suits bounded in.  According to their badges they were FBI. I was standing there, hands in pockets, mouth gaping open and feeling like I was in a very bad scene of a movie. They took the two chairs in front of my desk, one each, and made themselves comfortable as if they were welcomed visitors. I’m sure they were taking their time in explaining things to me, telling me what was going on, their motive for being there, but I don’t remember a word of it. Because all I can remember is the pill bottle containing about a gram of heroin that my hand was wrapped around in my jeans pocket and the overwhelming desire to get high...


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