What is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach?

A Nationally Certified Recovery Coach is a person who has had extensive training in the addiction recovery process. The coach will know the systems and methods that have been successful in the past to make the future for their clients brighter.


A Recovery Coach


  • Will guide their client through a sometimes complicated process to gain health, wellness, and better relationships. 

  • Will accelerate the client’s progress in recovery by providing greater focus and awareness in choices, actions, and responsibility.

  • Has the knowledge, education, and experience to get from the intervention stage through to the productive life stage and every step in between.

  • Concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to enjoy a better tomorrow.


As the client of a Recovery Coach you should expect to get:


  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem

  • How to Make Loving Relationships That Work

  • How to Keep Your Serenity in a Crazy Life

  • Self Care and How to Get Your Own Needs Met

  • Your Life's Purpose and How to Live It

  • Hot Triggers to Managing Anger, Resentment, Self-Pity, Intolerance, Patience, Worry, Fear, Frustration and Stress

  • Your Best Life After Recovery

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FYI: a sobriety sponsor is different from a Recovery Coach. A sobriety sponsor works only as a back up if a person needs support at the moment. A sponsor is performing a service to help with a 12-step program and the guideline that go with that program.

The Life
Recovery Coach
David Marion

David Marion is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC)


David supports individuals who are recovering from or considering recovery from all types of addictions. He has a passion for his clients and gives them motivation and encouragement to produce continued positive results in their lives, careers, businesses, and/or organizations while moving through the process of recovering from addiction. He's focused on bringing out the full potential in his clients so they can lead successful, meaningful lives.


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How to Choose An Addiction Recovery Coach


Choosing an Addiction Recovery Coach to Conquer Addictions is a Critical Decision.


THE FACT IS choosing the right Addiction Recovery Coach is among the most vital decisions you’ll make on your journey to a clean, sober and meaningful life.


Choosing an Addiction Recovery Coach Can be a Challenge.


There’s no “one size fits all” approach. You want a Recovery Coach that fits

your specific needs.


7 Questions to Find the Right Recovery Coach For You.


Below are seven questions you can use to help choose the right Recovery Coach for you. Asking them when interviewing potential recovery coaches can help you select the right one:

  1. Why aren’t treatment providers enough?

  2. What do you consider recovery?

  3. What skills do you bring to the job?

  4. What experience do you have with a person in recovery?

  5. What experience do you have working with addicts in crisis?

  6. How would you handle a situation that didn't go as planned?

  7. How would you deal with a client breaking the rules?



The Right Addiction Recovery Coach Will:

  • Help make the process easier, boosting your chances of abstaining.

  • Be the difference between recovering and not recovering.

  • Understand what addiction is and how it affects people.

  • Have the skills and experience to help you navigate the addiction treatment world.

  • Be knowledgeable, motivated and engaging which will help keep spirits up.

  • Walk you through hard-hitting cravings, reduce relapses by spotting the signs before a relapse occurs and accompany you to treatment and recovery related activities.



The Role of an Addiction Recovery Coach?

  • Recovery Coaches are trained professional with the tools and expertise to make transitioning from addiction to recovery possible.

  • Recovery Coaches use a model similar to harm reduction and motivational therapy. This approach encourages positive actions designed to help you achieve a successful recovery.  

  • LET’S BE CLEAR, a Recovery Coach is not a therapist, sponsor or peer. They are professionally trained for doing recovery coaching.


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Shifting Your Thinking to Break Barriers.


One of the keys to a successful coaching experience is how the coach can help you remove the personal, social and environmental barriers.


Recovery Coaches shift your thinking away from limited either-or choices finding other options and opportunities. Personal skills and traits to look for in a Recovery Coach include:


  • Accepts your situation.

  • Is aware there are several pathways to recover.

  • Allows you to choose your most appropriate path.

  • Nudges you toward self-empowerment.

  • Helps you stay in the present and focus on the future.

  • Is highly actionable and solutions oriented.

  • Is collaborative, not authoritative or manipulative.

  • Helps you build responsibility and accountability for your recovery.

  • Helps you become your own rescuer.


A Quality Recovery Coach Teaches You to Question Faulty Thinking and Patterns of Relapse.


Take Away: Hiring a Recovery Coach


These are just some of the essential qualities Recovery Coaches should have. Recovery Coaches need to view you as a whole person with viable options for recovery. Finding a Recovery Coach that fits your needs and has the skills and qualities mentioned above is easier said than done.


You Need to do Your Homework to Find the Right Coach.


He or she can help make your recovery easier and boost your chances of extending it well beyond your first year.


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