Motivational Speaker David Marion Has Hope

Addiction, there is hope.


With the right recovery tools and recovery programs, people with addictions can have a good life with a positive outcome.


David tells his story about addiction and the losses that followed. His story is also about recovery and starting over. Through his story, he will demonstrate how he has dealt with the many ups and downs that happen to him, and what could happen to you should you, or someone you know develops an addiction.



David would like you to be motivated, by his story, to make a positive impact on the people around you.


His story demonstrates how he began using at age 11, then came to an abrupt halt in prison at a much later date. You and your audience will want to hear what he has to say. Your take away will be a better understanding of addiction and its consequences’. You and your audience will also see that there is hope when all is looking hopeless.


Inspire and educate.


David's goal through his motivational talks is to inspire and educate people to take action when it comes to addiction.


  • Action in the form of educating our children

  • Action in helping parents with addictions

  • Action in helping siblings with additions

  • Action to motivate people toward a treatment plan

  • Action to intervene when necessary

  • Action that comes from a place of love

  • Action that teaches us not to place blame




Leaves a lasting impression.


David's story is not sugar coated. He tells the ugly truth. The bad decisions he made that lead to his demise. He wants you to understand these ugly truths so that you, your family and friends do not suffer. He also wants you to realize that if addiction does happen, it is the beginning of a new story that could end well when you take action. David’s story will leave a lasting impression of positive change.


Motivational Points Covered Include:




David is available as a keynote speaker for motivational speaking engagements at your venue. He will accommodate you wherever your audience is. He has given motivational talks at junior and senior high schools, colleges and universities, churches and synagogues, corporations and boardrooms, along with athletic facilities professional and amateur.



David connects with his audience.

Watch this short video.

Video Transcript


When my dad died the first thing I did was go through his medicine cabinet to steal all those pain medications prescribed for his cancer. I would do anything to feed that addiction lying, stealing, cheating, pushing every boundary from the time I can remember. It took a felony indictment and conviction and 60 months in prison for me to stop, but I'm one of the lucky ones.


I ended up here speaking about my experiences while so many others are still in jail, institutionalized or dead. Every decision we make is a positive or negative impact. Some more severe than others but there is a proverbial line we are either making decisions that keep us above the line or take us way below that line, and we justify the choices. That brings us below that line starts with stealing a dollar out of our parent's wallet. Possibly a piece of candy out of the store. But we keep moving the justification line further and further out in the sand. I'm not going to drink hard alcohol; I'll have some beers, I'm not going to smoke cigarettes. But eventually, I might smoke a joint. I won't drive if I have more than one. I'll drink on the weekends not there in the week. See what this goes?​

Drawing the line now means being aware of where your choices can take you. With addiction and alcoholism, so many families with an opioid epidemic in our country, there is a lack of awareness for our youth in our schools.


Tools for understanding and a prevention model are essential to combat the opioid and addiction beast more people under the age of 50 have died from opioid-related deaths. But one and a half times more than any other cause and it gets exponentially worse every year.​

I am an expert in the prevention intervention and education of alcohol, drug abuse, and addiction. I have lived through it from being fired my first job at 15 years old and working at Dunkin Donuts for drinking on the job. An opioid addiction was later leading to an indictment and eventual imprison.


I'm here to spread awareness and protect our next generation from this epidemic in a crisis that is crippling our country. 

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