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A Message Of Hope

And Overcoming Adversity

With my story of addiction starting at the young age of 11, with various twists and turns for 4+ decades, I’m proud to share a message of inspiration and hope to audiences of all kinds.

Through my lifetime of personal battles with the cycles of addiction and recovery, my 30+ years as a public speaker on substance use, and the thousands of individuals I’ve worked with one on one through interventions, sponsorships and life recovery coaching, I bring a passionate and actionable message to my audience. 

“You don’t have to drive the bus. You just need to get on for the ride.”

This is a mantra I often share regarding the keys to a successful recovery and life.


My story is one of extreme highs, lows and everything in between. From the excruciating pain of withdrawals multiple times over to the high-flying days as a corporate executive, I had to lose everything, including my own freedom, to see that the key to happiness was inside and in my control the whole time. 

Between my own personal journey and my unrelenting resolve to help as many people like me as possible step out of the darkness of addiction, I’ve had the honor to speak to groups ranging from businesses, schools, conventions and drug and alcohol panels to leading treatment facilities spanning the globe. Some of my most profound speaking and advocacy engagements have included:

I share my rules of recovery framework that continues to help both myself and my clients achieve success in recovery and a life of purpose, prosperity and integrity. If there’s a will to live a life free of addiction, there is a way. It’s easy to do, but as I know all too well, it’s easy not to do.

Since addiction is a selfish disease, the cure is being selfish in taking care of ourselves so that we can be selfless in the service of others.

My message and action plan share universal truths everyone can take something from. It’s rooted in honesty, thinking about yourself less while not thinking less of yourself, forgiveness, gratitude and disrupting the power of obsessive thinking. 

No matter the obstacles in our way, we all have the power within to change our minds, change our path and make life extraordinary. And in doing so, a life of happiness, purpose and success awaits.

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David Marion
  • Honesty

  • Gratitude

  • Forgiveness

  • Thinking less about yourself but not less of yourself

I look forward to sharing my message of “Overcoming Adversity to Live Our Best Lives” with your audience. Learning to get out of our own way in turning negatives into positives and failures into successes is all part of the process. 

Your audience will be moved from tears to laughter and everything in between with my raw, authentic approach to universal situations that we can all relate to. My story is a combination of powerful inspiration, unimaginable obstacles, and colossal hope that audiences of all ages and all walks of life can connect to.